Fable III vs Fable II


Oh, how the mighty hath fallen!

The Fable series was created by Microsoft and is sort of an open-world, fantasy RPG. It involves a general story line with many optional side tasks, jobs, and SIMS-like character building (from buying a house or running a business to getting married or having children). Your decisions affect the character and the entire fictitious world!

Fable II was a garage sale find that offered me way more pleasure than the amount of money I spent on it would predict. It was funny with magical graphics and enough of a “free roaming” universe to satisfy my need to be in control. I fell in love with my “hero” and his companion and gasped at the ending.

Fable III was a Wal-Mart purchase that I wish I kept the receipt for. An attempt at an “upgrade”, there were changes that had little point, voice acting of the “hero” that took away his/her charm, and far less cohesiveness in terms of plotting out a course. Basically, what was more should have been less and what was less should have been more. Where’s your magical spell for that, Microsoft Game Studios? Huh?

The opening FMV for Fable II had me in a glassy-eyed gaze as if I were a kid again right until it seamlessly transitioned into game play and delivered a laugh. This described the entire feel; a funny, magical adventure.

The opening to Fable III also summed up its game play; a dark and awkward ride that left me feeling hopeless and sad. It’s okay if a story ends that way for dramatic effect, but a series that had so neatly combined humor and fantasy should not begin that way.

I’ll be honest. I have not finished Fable III. Continued honesty? I probably won’t. But that in itself is a review, isn’t it?

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