Marvel Avengers Alliance – Game


There are more Marvel products than the Hulk could shake a car at. However, most of them are entertaining at worst. I recently downloaded the 2013 iphone version of Marvel’s Avenger’s Alliance. Let’s take a look.

First, this game is easy to learn. It basically follows the format of old RPG games like the first 7 Final Fantasy games or Chrono Trigger. Turn-based, character-growing battles that progress through a storyline. You get to recruit from an impressive roster of 42 Marvel heroes…If you’re a true nerd, like me, that makes your duodenom quiver. Storm, Mr. Fantastic, Dr. Strange, Captain America, She Hulk, and more; from the over played Wolverine to the obscure SIF. Each comes with a different set of skills and all you have to do is punch an action (like Hulk’s “smash”), select a target (like, say…Emma Frost), and watch it play out in some decent quality graphics.

Now, while this sounds as simple as a plug and play version of Pac-man, it can get a little more complicated and darn near frustrating from here. That frustration takes the form of “currency” as everything requires different coins. I mean EVERYTHING! You need coins to recruit heroes, coins to buy weapons and healing kits, coins to fight, and even coins to buy other coins. The method of progression is a web of coinage…the likes of which would cause Spiderman to uncontrollably spit up silk.

You can get coins in a few ways…none of them without extreme sacrifice. First, is buying them. You’d have to have the finances of Tony Stark to keep up this way. It is their hook, though…to make money. Get you hooked just enough to become an addict…selling prized family heirlooms and making fake meth out of cat urine and crushed white corn chips to pay for your fix.

The other way is to participate in battles. At the end of boss battles, you get to play a little roulette game with a 1 in 9 chance to get gold…Not much, mind you. Just enough to feel like a stripper at a night club in a small town in Mississippi that is on the verge of suicide. Do you know where you’re going, Mississippi stripper? Do you like the things that life’s been showing you?

Ahem…Other than the coin issue, which is a slight rip-off, the game is pretty solid. I have enjoyed it to pass 15 minutes while waiting at the doctors office or riding the incredibly slow elevator at work or when my regularly scheduled program is interrupted by weather or government nonsense. That’s right, Storm…I dissed you…even though you’re one of my favorite characters.

If you have an iphone or like to play Facebook games (where it was originally released), you might want to give this free (well…mostly free) game a look. My super power? Abruptly leaving a post before finishing the last sente….

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