Iron Man 3 – movie


Last night I finally got around to watching Iron Man 3.  Expectations? That it would be a bunch of repeat jokes, bumped up action sequences, and a weak storyline. Think The Mummy; Tomb of The Dragon Emperor. Well, shoot me in the face with a rocket, because I couldn’t have been more off course.

First, let me get something straight. I was initially NOT a fan of Iron Man. I didn’t know much about him and it just seemed like a man in a metal suit…Well, this third flick in the series proved that he was much more than that. Yes, the first two movies had great action and showcased the perfection of Robert Downey Jr as the arrogant hero, Tony Stark. It all came down to the suit, though. In this one, Tony Stark proves to be the hero instead of Iron Man.

The script reached deep to make this more than another superhero action film. There were plenty of amazing fight scenes and suspense sequences that moved at the speed of light. If that is all you catch from Iron Man 3, then I suggest you take another look. This plot explored a character without sacrificing the ADHD-like attention span of its viewers. Well written without being pretentious, it gave enough to make you care while never saturating you with forced empathy.  You laugh, you hold your breath, and you may even jump a little. It is all woven to near perfection.

Putting aside that Robert Downey Jr is smoking hot as Tony Stark, he really is the cherry on top of a great cast. Gwyneth Paltrow serves the perfect chemistry with Downy as his love interest, Pepper Potts. They are believable and loveable without getting all syrupy  or tortured (I’m looking at you, Twilight). Jon Favreau was a fun and adorable return, enough so to make us feel the effect of what ends up happening to him. Ben Kingsley gives an appropriately odd performance and Guy Pearce is solid. Really, all of the casting lands as  it should.

I will say that I was a bit turned off by Don Cheadle as an action hero last time around, playing the part of War Machine. If you recall, he replaced Terrence Howard after the first film. Perhaps by this third film, I just laid back and accepted it…You know…like the housewife of an ugly rich guy with no personality? Or maybe Cheadle managed to let his good acting ability win me over enough to not care.

In any case, by the end of the film I was shouting “This might be in my top 3 Superhero movies of all time”. I know! I know what you’re saying! You want to bring up the Christopher Nolan series of Batman movies with Christian Bale. Let’s get something straight. The maturity level of those films is undeniable, but Christian Bale (while he is a stellar actor) was no Bruce Wayne/Batman with a speech impediment. Those movies were given the credit they were because of Nolan, Heath Ledger’s joker, and decent scripts.

I’m also thankful to Marvel for not shoving another brooding superhero in my face. DC seems hell bent on making me want to take a handful of Zoloft with Batman always lurking in the shadows, suffering from the PTSD caused by watching his parents bite it and then trying to make Superman all bitter and angst-y in the last two Superman butcherings. Then Marvel has its ever-cranky Wolverine (who I like, but truly don’t understand the level of popularity). This is why I like Tony Stark. Even in the face of danger, he mostly stays light and sarcastic. He seems less…whiny.

So, with all that said… Yes, Iron Man 3 falls in as one of the best super hero flicks I’ve ever seen. I’ll do a super hero review soon to let you know which others fall in my top favorites. Until then, up, up, and away! Which super hero films are your favorites?

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