Characters I Want To See – (random movie ramblings)

Characters I would like to see on screen (or see a re-boot of);

1. Wonder Woman – Come on! Really? Joss Whedon couldn’t come up with a good script? Please! Strong female heroes are what he does better than anyone.

2. Harley Quinn – She’s fun and she’s trouble. I’d love to see a serious treatment of her before making her come to life in a good Batman film.

3. Emma Frost / White Queen (X-Men) – “But Ryan, she was in X-Men First Class”. January Jones can bite it. That botched performance made Halle Berry’s first appearance as Storm look like Helen Mirren in the Queen. And she looked like a whore house madam. Grrrr…

4. Halliwell Sisters – Charmed ended long after it should have. After the first season with Rose McGowan that show became cartoon ridiculous instead of cool and edgy as it had been. Too soon for a tv show reboot, but maybe a good time for an action packed movie.

5. Six Million Dollar Man  (or the Bionic Woman) – That last attempt at a remake of the Bionic Woman was amazingly dull. I needed robotic eyes to deal with it. But I still believe in the possibilities.

6. Black Panther – In a world full of Caucasian heroes, we need a bit of diversity. As long as he doesn’t go the way of Halle Berry’s Catwoman…or they try to make him “hood” I think the world would be ready. He’s strong, smart, and a leader of an entire civilization.

7. Usagi Yojimbo – look him up. No, seriously…You will not be disappointed.

8. Gambit – Totally miscast, misused, and even poorly-costumed, Gambit was more human on paper than he was played by an actual man. You can do better, Marvel/Disney.

9. The Wonder Twins – yes, they made an appearance on Smallville, but they were so significantly awful, I think they deserve more screen time. I can do without the blue monkey, but I’m game for anything where these two are concerned.

10. John Steed and Emma Peel – still wanting the head of whoever was in charge of that terrible Ralph Fiennes/Uma Thurman trash, I am still hopeful that the foul taste of that film could be washed from our mouths with a good remake. Maybe actually have true British artists put it together. If Downtown Abbey and Doctor Who are examples of what could be, can’t we put a little of that magic on one of the first male/female dynamic duos.

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