American Horror Story; Coven – Bitchcraft (tv show)

ImageQuit yer witchin’?


Following what has to be some of the best publicity posters and advertisements for a television series, I sat down to watch the season premiere of FX’s hit show, American Horror Story; Coven. If you’re unfamiliar, each season is its own bundled story, unrelated to the others. However, the seasons primarily include some of the same cast.

Fun fact; I’ve never watched any episodes despite my proclaimed love of things horror. I guess I got my fix with The Walking Dead, but since the new season hasn’t started and due to the announcement that Kathy Bates (*gasp*), Angela Bassett (shut the front door!) and Gabourey Sidibe (that’s just precious) would be regulars this season, I bit. To my surprise, the first episode of this 3rd season…well…it bit back!

The first scene takes us back to the 1800’s. It was simpler time of horse-drawn carriages, large dresses, and torture of slaves in your attic. What? You don’t have that? Anyone who’s anyone has a torture-room. This is the introduction of Kathy Bates as the real-life serial killer, Madame LaLarue. Let me say, that the first Bates scene comes out swinging…literally. Leaving you with a WTF moment, we return from commercials to find the story in present day.

Basic story: Teens are at a boarding school for witches and there is a salem-esque fear looming for them all (good witches and bad witches alike). High points?

1. The three boarding school students that our lead meets, played by Emma Roberts (Scream 4), Gabourey Sibide (Precious) and Jamie Brewer (mostly from season 1 of AHS). They have a great chemistry together.

2. Kathy Bates – her scenes are arguably the most intense and the most enthralling to watch in this episode. I want to use the word “fun” but considering the things she does, that might be a bit much.

3. Brief tease of Angela Bassett’s character, the voodoo priestess. She is one of my favorite dramatic actors. She is not afraid of going over and beyond and I expect great things from her.

4. Opening credits are crazy disturbing. It truly is a nightmare.

5. The ending. I’ll leave it at that.

Lower points?

1. The three boarding school students individually, especially Emma Roberts. From all I heard about season 1 and 2, I am praying that this doesn’t become a teen drama.

2. The lead, Zoe, and  her…ahem…naughty bits. I find I like her and then I’m bored with her.


This season looks to be full of humor, imagery, and veteran screen actresses at their most wicked.

There was so much happening in that first episode, I think to myself “What do they have for the rest of the season?”  Can’t wait to see what they conjure up.

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