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Pontypool – (movie)

Shut up or die? I say that when I watch movies in the theatre! Pontypool will be my hardest review because I feel in order to fully enjoy Pontypool you must know very little about it. Netflix’s new service chose … Continue reading

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Dead Island; Riptide – (video game)

I like a good zombie joke, but the delivery is usually stiff. I found the first Dead Island game (Xbox 360) to be an uneasy, relentless parade of one tense scenario after another. I describe the first Dead Island game … Continue reading

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V/H/S 2 – (Movie)

Please be kind. Rewind…or die. Depending on your age, you may actually held one of these tapes in your hand. It’s possible you used one of these to record the V mini series or an episode of Hill Street Blues. … Continue reading

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