“What’s in a name?”  That quote has never applied to anyone more than it does me. I have gone by many names in my time. Most of them were appropriate for general audiences. None of that matters, though.

I’m just an analytical entertainment enthusiast. I find that I get better at the things I love to do by critically looking at the creative work around me. I have won awards for acting, singing, painting, writing, and directing, but it doesn’t mean that I am an expert on anything. In fact, my opinion often doesn’t fit the opinions of others. That is why we live in America.

Why “A Dollar Short?”  My first response is “B*tch, quit asking questions!” However, my professional side prevails and says;  I enjoy trying to stay current as much as I do giving attention to gems of the past. So while some of my reviews may be “a day late and a dollar short,” they will occasionally navigate you toward historic offerings in music, movies, video games, live entertainment, and more.

Please feel free to leave comments, debate my views, and suggest other creations to check out!


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